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WQ Black Submersible Trash Water Pumps

WQ Black Submersible Trash Water Pumps

  • FOB Price:
  • US 50.00
  • Port:
  • WQ Black Submersible Trash Water Pumps
  • Min.Order:
  • 1 Piece
  • Supply Ability:
  • 1000
Product Detail
Quick Details
  • Place Of Origin:Shanghai China (mainland)
  • Brand Name:Kaiyuan
  • Model Number:Wq
  • Theory:Centrifugal Pump
  • Structure:Single-stage Pump
  • Usage:Trash Water
  • Power:Electric
  • Standard Or Nonstandard:Standard
  • Fuel:Electricity
  • Pressure:Low Pressure,≤0 6mpa
  • Application:Sewage
  • Category:Sewage Pump
  • Certificate:Iso9001
  • Main Usage:Sewage And Water System
  • Capacity Scope:2~800m³/h
  • Head:3~50m
  • Speed:980~2900r/min
  • Medium Temperature:-1 5℃~+60℃
  • Mediumc Cosistency:≤1.3x10³kg/m³
  • Medium Ph:5-9
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HOT SALE WQ Black Submersible Trash Water Pumps 




  • The impeller adopts particular large channel structure, so the drain capacity has been improved greatly.It can effectively pass the solid grain whose diameter is about 50%of the pump caliber.
  • Mechanical seal adopts the latest material and is made with extra care, so its life is over 8000 hours.
  • It can adopt double-way and automatic coupling installation device which makes the installation, maintenance of the unit convenient and quick.
  • To realize automation management we will equip various forms sewage special control cabinet according to the customer's requirements.




  • Living waste water discharging
  • Dirty water system of municipal works
  • Dirty water system in factory and mine corporation
  • Temporary floodwater discharging
  • Waste water discharging of public facility
  • Various water—discharging system

Pump, packing and specification, pump automatic coupling installation device, soft pipe, automatic control device etc can be provided as accessories (accessories shall be evaluated Separately.) Note:Cases of special temperature, pressure, high erosion etc should be put forward in advance, so we can provide you more reliable products.



  • 1. Never pull the cable with force.
  • 2. Have the submersible electric pump submerged into water completely when it is at work and never let it out of water.
  • 3. Reliably ground the electric pump when it is at work and never let it any animals or persons close to the working water area or touch it.
  • 4. Never let it workout of the set range of head so as to prevent it from overloaded running.
  • 5. Use a properly thicker cable when the power is far away to avoid a lower voltage 6 After the power is turned off, do not lift it up water until the motor of it gets cooled So as to avoid explosion or other accidents.


















1. Precaution at use

  • It is not proper to use the pump in a medium environment easy to explode and burn and to extract any flammable liquid.
  • It is strictly prohibited to impact or press the cable and use it as a lifting rope, and pull it at will when the pump is running so as not to damage it, which may result in an electric shock, or lowering the cable sealing, or the insulation performance of the wiring box of the motor.
  • When to use the way of fixed automatic coupling installation, lift or lower down the pump with the lifting chains locking the handle and take care to handle it.
  • The pump has to be vertically lifted when it is placed in water and not horizontally landed, further more, not sunk into sludge.
  • A flow regulating valve must be equipped with the spitting pipeline to avoid overload of the motor due to a too heavy flow.

2. Check before use

  • Carefully check if there is any deformation or damage with the pumps and any Ioose or fall-off with the fasteners during transport, storage and installation.
  • Check if any damage or fracture with the cable, if the seal on its inlet intact and make a proper treatment in time if any possible leakage or bad seal is found.
  • Measure the dielectric resistance between the phases and between the phase and ground with a 500V me ohm 2 meter, the value of which has not to be lower than me ohm. Otherwise a drying treatment must be taken for the stator winding of the motor with a temperature not over 120°C or notify the manufacturer for help.
  • Check if there is oil in the oil chamber and do not stop filling it until it over flows on the filler Check if the screw cork and sealing pad on the oil chamber are full and if the screw cork and presses the sealing pad on tightly.
  • Check if the impeller rotates flexibly.
  • Check if the power device safe, reliable or normal and if the grounding wire inside of the cable reliably grounded.
  • Before placing the pump in the pool, check if it is in a correct, direction of rotation by way of dot moving and cut off the power and change the U, V, W three wires with any two of which in the electric control cabinet if not correct.

3. Starting

  • Close the flow regulating valve on the spitting pipeline at starting and gradually open it when the pump gets in the full speed running. Note the pump can not run for a long time with the valve closed.

4. Stopping

  • Lift the pump, clean it and place it in a dry place when intended not to use it up to half a month and lift it out of the water and let the liquid in side of it drain out to prevent it from being frozen when the temperature is very low.

5. Periodically check the dielectric resistance between phases and between phase and ground, other wise it has to be removed to overhaul, and, at the same time, check if the g rounding is scoured and reliable.

  • Replace the sealing with a new one when the max Interval of it mounted on the impeller neck and pump casing is over 2mm.
  • After half a year running of the pump under the provided working medium condition, check the state of the oil chamber and replace it with N10 mechanical oil fit shows emulsified state. It is possible that the mechanical seal on the pump. side is made damaged when the leakage probe-gives a warning with the pump running for a short time after the oil replacement and replace it at once. More often check the pump when it is used under a very adverse working condition.
  • After one year work in the normal working condition, a big overall check must be taken for replacing the worn-out parts, checking the fasteners or replacing the grease on the bearing so as to ensure a good lubrication of the pump during its running.
  • To disassemble, do not knock in order to avoid damaging the seal and do not allow non-skilled workers to do that in case the pumps leaking or the motor damaged.









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Shanghai Kaiyuan provides submersible water pump, sewage pump, fire-fighting water pump, multi-stage vertical (horizontal) water pump, diesel engine water pump, water supply equipment and other pumps. Here we have modern production base of 20000 square meters, and 1500 square meters of office, professional R&D institution and technology team, which makes us a world-class company. Here all Kaiyuan machines are designed, produced, assembled and tested according to the ISO9001:2008.





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